Why Students Should Take Up Internships?

Internships are an excellent platform to develop industry-relevant skills. This opportunity not only helps students bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge that they gain through their courses and the real-world experience, but also helps professionals with career gaps to upskill themselves in their respective fields or explore different domains. It’s always quite difficult for a student to adapt to the professional environment. Internships prepare them to better implement their theoretical knowledge in workplace. Organizations prefer graduates with adequate skills and knowledge, which can be achieved through internships.

To save training costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability, employers are looking for candidates who can
bring in a positive change to their organization with minimum integration time. Employers are also on the lookout for fresh minds with positive energy and enthusiasm. Students can cease such opportunities by being the driving force of the organization through internship programs. Many organizations opt for summer internships, because that’s the season when students are on their holidays. There are two types of internships – paid and unpaid. If making money is a necessity for the students, then they should opt for paid internships. But, it is difficult to find paid internships, simply because internships are mostly promoted by start-ups, which might not have sufficient funds to pay the stipend, but pose immense opportunities for the students in terms of skill development.

Presenting internship experiences in the resume is a big value-add for the students to impress their recruiters. It’s imperative that the resume reflects the skills developed and results achieved through the internship rather than just stating the typical job description of a role. The results stated in the resume must be both qualitative and uantitative. Students taking up internships must not merely perform their everyday tasks in the company, but go above and beyond and make the internship a memorable experience for both the company and self. This will not only boost their self-confidence, but also enable the company consider them as potential candidates for a permanent role. If not for the company, the interns will be able to win the trust of their colleagues, which might prove to be helpful in the future. Networking is one of the main benefits of taking up internships. Interns will be able to build their professional network through their work environment. Internships serve as a platform for the interns to connect to professionals from their respective domains.

Considering the current economic crisis caused by COVID-19, it is imperative that students upskill themselves to be industry-ready. With the rise in the number of graduates each year and the ever-growing demand for jobs among them, freshers are forced to be underemployed in irrelevant roles. Therefore, to settle down in a career with utmost satisfaction, it is important that students choose appropriate internships while pursuing their courses.

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