Internship with Code Global

My Internship at Code Global #1

I am currently working as a Mechanical Design intern at CODEGLOBAL, and so far, my experience at this company has been simply wonderful. At first, I was really worried and tensed about the difficulty level of the hiring process, work environment, and my ability to adapt to the process. But the company made sure that their interns have a very welcoming work atmosphere and a rich learning experience.

My job is to create 3-D models and designs of various products and develop innovative modifications so as to automize and improve their functionality. Before a product is manufactured, a 3-dimensional virtual product is created on CAD software packages. This is done so that we get a visual idea of how the product is going to look.

Automated products are the need of the hour. In this pandemic situation, it is really important for the equipment to be hands free. CODEGLOBAL has a lot of potential in the field of robotics and automation and the creative workforce works towards achieving their goal at each step.

At CODEGLOBAL, we provide a status update of our tasks at the end of the day. Once a task is completed, a new task is assigned to us. This way, we learn how to meet deadlines and work in a challenging environment. The tasks given to us are challenging, which helps us challenge our capabilities. Whenever we are stuck at some point, the seniors are ready to help and guide us through the problems that arise.

This company has a lot to offer to the young minds ensuring growth and competitive learning. I am really glad to be a part of CODEGLOBAL, and I look forward to new opportunities and new challenging projects.

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