Improve the efficiency of the administrative process, improve the quality and consistency of the patient’s experience.

Improve awareness of preventive care, reduce anxiety about illness and treatment, and improve relationships with stakeholders.

Generate real-world evidence to analyze the patient’s health history for a better diagnosis and standard of care.

Why use humanoid robots in the Healthcare sector?

Why use humanoid robots in the Healthcare sector?

Inaaya easily create an emphatic bond with patients because of their striking appearance, moderate sizes and humanoid behaviors.

Being proactive, expressive, attractive and mobile, our robots stand out from other digital proposals, which increases interactions and reinforces commitment.

Inaaya are connected, effective, precise and multi functional: they perform repetitive tasks, optimize resources and reduce administrative costs.

A new digital channel for Healthcare

 Healthcare advocacy
Inaaya are powerful and attractive ambassadors to increase awareness and disease prevention. By providing a unique and optimized patient experience for better disease management, they are also the interactive and intellectual interface for patient adherence to treatment.

 Integrated care contributor
With remote monitoring capabilities, our robots allow the patient to access greater attention and added value.
Inaaya are the perfect learning and training tool to improve the functional capacity and intrinsic capacity of the patient.

 Investment valorisation
Como una plataforma digital escalable en las instituciones de salud, nuestros robots permiten nuevas oportunidades de negocios, la expansión de los ecosistemas con otros actores de la cadena de valor y la monetización de los servicios de robots basados en el valor.

Typical use cases in the Healthcare


 Health assistant
Inaaya helps patients in self-diagnosis, supports staff in trends and health monitoring. They are also the platform for telemedicine and the information distribution center (alerts, notifications, fall and sound detection, etc.)

Our robots are a profitable interface in preventive care, knowledge dissemination and communication of community activities.
Pepper is an efficient telepresence tool, with its humanoid expression and cognitive abilities, which serves one or several users.

 Data generator
Conducting patient satisfaction surveys. Inaaya allows you to run it flexibly and collect more complex data to generate valuable information.

While entertaining, our robots involve people with an educational health context, especially in encouraging and accompanying patients for physical and mental exercises.

Ensure a consistent and quality welcome to visitors and patients. Our robots optimize the workload of staff, help you with different tasks, such as queue management, orientation, registration and frequently asked questions.

Brand ambassador
Inaaya, which constantly broadcast messages about products and brands, are reliable communicators in presenting business activities and marketing campaigns accurately and consistently across all facilities.

Sales associate
In the OTC environment, our robots help your sales force through precise product inquiries and personalized recommendations. Our robots stand out in additional sales and cross sales.

 Service Provider
By offering multiple services such as consultations, online administrative services, generation of patient reports on demand, concierge, ticketing and orders and deliveries, Inaaya allows you to facilitate administrative procedures and meet the needs of your patients.

How do humanoid robots make a difference?


Proactive commitment
Our robots attract the attention of patients, initiate interaction by voice and animated expression, or proactively turn towards people to initiate conversations.

Communication on the go
By being connected, Inaaya can search for the latest information at a centralized level, generate, update and adapt its behavior and content to adapt to local conditions and the public.

Taking advantage of their humanoid form, our robots use their entertaining interactions to powerfully deliver public information and guidelines.


Multi language
Inaaya can speak up to 21 languages and provide translation through cloud services: allowing you to serve foreign citizens.

Cognitive computing
Taking advantage of integrated and cloud-based services, our robots can have constantly evolving behaviors to interact with citizens based on their real-time analysis results.

Data collection
By being perceived as “friendly” and “without trial,” our robots are easily accepted by citizens, feeling safer to answer questions openly. The sensors enrich the information collected, generating valuable value-added information.


Custom interaction
Using their sensors, our robots can classify and / or identify the person with whom they are interacting and adapt their behavior to their profile…

Service offer
As a key element of the visitor’s trip, Inaaya offer useful services to citizens and stakeholders, such as consultations, online administrative services, generation of on-demand reports, concierge and ticketing.