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Cold Storage Management System

Whether it is a warehouse or home refrigerator, maintaining the right temperature for the product is imperative. With the help of IoT, we can build an efficient cold storage management system without the need to expose humans to the extreme temperature, which can cause health issues for the workers. Code Global, in partnership with Elanpro, has developed such a technology to be fit into the storage devices to enable users to monitor and control the functioning of the devices from anywhere in the world. This technology is suitable for all types of cold storage devices. The data captured using this technology is stored in cloud and converted into dashboards for analysis.


Modern-day humanoids are used across several industries in varied roles such as personal assistant and front-desk officer. Code Global was successful in launching its own flagship product Inaaya, a humanoid, which was designed to be used across multiple sectors such as research and development, personal assistance, healthcare, education, and public relations. Especially in healthcare, considering the COVID-19, delivering food and medicine. Inaaya has the ability to support healthcare professionals by disinfecting contaminated environment and deliver food and medicine to the patients; thereby, preventing the workers from getting exposed to infections. It can also be deployed in the manufacturing industries for production purposes.


These unmanned aerial vehicles are gaining widespread popularity for their ability to serve as the eyes of humans during desperate times. Code Global and its R&D team works on building such drones that can help in ground survey for research, help farmers in agriculture, and assist in delivery services. It can also be put to use in emergency response and disaster relief efforts.

3D Printing

This additive manufacturing technology, which enables producing 3D Objects from a digital image, is rapidly transforming the manufacturing sector. Realizing its potential, Code Global produces 3D printing models for a myriad of applications ranging from consumer products to manufacturing tools.