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Be Serene

CodeGlobal presents an app-based platform that guides the user towards better
mental health by training the mind to develop resilience towards stress.

The application BeSerene monitors, detects and prevents stress in the user. It also
improves the overall mental health. The App ensures complete privacy all around.
The App provides an option to choose from various available approaches i.e either
Spiritual or Psychological to improve mental health.

Latest developments in technology, psychology and spirituality have been utilized,
leading to the adaptation of the solution to the specific needs of individuals.
The research team, working in consonance with doctors and psychologists, has
determined a detection solution, based on wearable sensors, response times and
evaluation processes to monitor the progress of users of the application. All this is
delivered at fraction of a cost than the conventional alternatives.

We all are a part of a rat race. We all want to come first. Is it that easy? Is it possible

in every scenario or situation?

The answer is No and it should be No.

It is not important to come first. It is important to have a good quality of life. Being
mindful will help us to observe things and to enjoy life.
We presently believe that a few things can be given at a rapid pace, where a quick fix
solution is required to address excessive stress levels.
BeRapid will help you to prevent and learn how to deal with your stress, in just two
days. This can be supplemented with the habit forming App BeSerene at no extra
cost to you.

Knowledge can be gained through experience and experience can be gained in a few
hours or days if given an opportunity. This is the need of the hour. So why not take
advantage and learn how to deal with stress by gaining knowledge and experience.


We live in a world where we are dependent on technology. Technology is helping us
stay connected. The Workshop will –

  1. Help you to screen & be aware of your Stress levels.
  2. Make you aware and understand yourself.
  3. Enhance your lifestyle.
  4. Improve your physical and mental routine.
  5. Increase your physical activity at the comfort of your home.
  6. Introduce you to the psychological and spiritual approach to deal with stress.

BeSerene is an application that improves your overall health by –
1. Solving the Problem. It helps you to understand the stress-causing and
stress-induced conditions and about their management techniques.
2. Forming a Healthy Lifestyle – The program is delivered in a proven scientific way
to help you make the learning a part of your routine and form a healthy lifestyle.
3. Improving Emotional Intelligence – The application helps you to improve your
interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.
4. Controlling Stress Constituents like –
Anger, which is a powerful feeling like sadness, disgust, happiness, etc. and which
originates when you feel that somebody has acted in an unfair, unacceptable or cruel
Anxiety, which is an emotion of fear or apprehension that is activated by the danger
we anticipate. It is our body’s reaction to a threat directed into the future.
Depression is an unusual health condition that adversely impacts your experience,
the manner in which you envision and how you act.
Fear is an unpleasant feeling that instigates due to your anticipation of pain, danger
or harm. Fear will result in Emotional and Biochemical bodily responses.
Good relationships are significant. A great relationship with your family would mean
discussing various issues and de-stressing yourself and also gives you a sense of
Sleep is one of the most significant aspects of a healthy mind and body. Sound sleep
daily would mean better brain functioning and assistance in improving the immune
5. Mindful Therapy – Well-researched and highly engaging content is delivered in a
manner to ensure meditation.
6. Personalized Yoga and Meditation – The user will be assigned activities that match
his choice, interest and physical condition.
7. Robust Tech Platform – Clinically tested programs are delivered through a robust
tech platform for seamless user experience.
8. Data-Driven Approach – The application tracks numerous data points to monitor
and stimulate user progress over various parameters.
9. Reflection Activities – Highly interactive and informative videos that make you
contemplate on life.
10. Screening – Questionnaires to screen the levels of Anxiety and Stress for better
11. Healthy Lifestyle – Caters through activities such as Yoga, Mudra, Meditation,
Light Exercises, Pranayama and others to improve physical and mental health.
12. Cost Effective – Bundled costs make the application very cost-effective as the user
will get all round benefits for life.

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