Be Serene by Mr. Zia Khan

Be Serene by Mr. Zia Khan

Hi Friends,

While we are locked inside our homes and experiencing global crisis, it is probable that many of us would now be facing difficulties. It could be scarcity of resources, which is manageable with the support of Corona Warriors, or could be mental restlessness. The toughest battle to fight is within.

So, I have decided to do a series on how in this special time we can do some introspection so we are not stressed or anxious. This isn’t rocket science to be worried about, just some minor changes in routine and there we are:

– First Habit Forming Exercise

– The Power of Keeping A Journal

Everyone is very anxious in this time of rightful confinement! But how can you maintain a positive bent of mind in an unprecedented situation like this?

One trick that has worked very well is keeping a journal. Some have kept it from the first day of their conscious existence (like my daughter). It helps you to reflect, revisit the day, look at what went right and what went wrong, why did you behave the way you did, and philosophize on the bigger picture! This helps you let go off the things that bother you internally and come out stronger.

But these are extreme times, for this you require a more powerful tool, one that can help to jump-start a positive thinking in your mind. Here is a one called a “Gratitude Journal”. How is it different from any other journal? Well in this you can capture top 3 people or top 3 things you are grateful for! This would also help you reflect and focus on the positive! Writing these points down will not only make you feel blessed of what you have, but also you can revisit them whenever needed.

We have a similar feature in our inward-looking mobile app called “Be Serene”. Download it , use it and see how it makes a definite difference in your way of thinking and help build a stronger and healthy mind! Don’t let stress and anxiety weaken your battle against global pandemic COVID-19.

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