Manage waiting times more efficiently by reducing the congestion at reception.

Impact analysis of the administrative process, optimized for public revenue and communication with interested parties.

Collect comprehensive citizen feedback and generate visitor information to improve service efficiency.

Why use humanoid robots in the Government & Public Services sector?

Inaaya can easily create an emphatic connection with citizens through its attractive appearance, moderate size and humanoid behavior. The robotic digital transformation is reinventing the public service delivery model and the visitor’s journey.

Proactive, expressive, attractive and mobile, our robots stand out from other digital offers by increasing interactions, optimizing use and reducing unnecessary costs.

Our robots are connected, efficient, precise and multi-functional. They never tire of repetitive tasks that allow staff to focus on tasks of greater value.

A new digital channel for Government & Public Services


Communication ambassador
Promotion to raise awareness about projects and public policies. Unique user experience and optimized for better citizen acceptance. Interactive interface to improve public relations..

Single view of visitor
Inaaya are powerful contact points for omnichannel in administrations: they provide a unique but comprehensive view of each individual user of public services by treating them in a special, personal and individual way.

Services & engagement
Guide and help citizens to find the right information efficiently and complete the processes effectively, based on their needs and requirements.

Typical use cases in Government & Public Services

Ensure a constant and high quality welcome to visitors, in their own languages. Our robots optimize the workload of staff, help in different tasks, such as queue management, guidance, registration and frequently asked questions.

Constantly delivering key messages in all locations, Inaaya are reliable channels for distributing critical information to citizens.

 Service Provider
By offering multiple services such as consultations, online administrative services, on-demand reporting, concierge and ticketing, Inaaya reinforces the trust of visitors in its administration.

 Survey conductor
Conducting opinion polls on general public opinion and visitor satisfaction. Our robots execute it with flexibility and collect more complex data to generate valuable information.

Our robots are an attractive channel for pleasant and educational communication towards citizens. With activities aimed at all age groups, Inaaya efficiently delivers the right message to citizens.

How do humanoid robots make a difference?


Proactive commitment
Our robots attract the attention of citizens, initiate interaction by voice and animated expression, or proactively turn towards people to start a conversation.

Taking advantage of their humanoid form, our robots use their entertaining interactions to powerfully deliver public information and guidelines.

Communication on the go
By being connected, Inaaya can search for the latest information at a centralized level, generate, update and adapt its behavior and content to adapt to local conditions and the public.


Multi language
Inaaya can speak up to 21 languages and provide translation through cloud services: allowing you to serve foreign citizens.

Data collection
By being perceived as "friendly" and "without trial," our robots are easily accepted by citizens, feeling safer to answer questions openly. The sensors enrich the information collected, generating valuable value-added information.

Cognitive computing
Taking advantage of integrated and cloud-based services, our robots can have constantly evolving behaviors to interact with citizens based on their real-time analysis results.


Custom interaction
Using their sensors, our robots can classify and / or identify the person with whom they are interacting and adapt their behavior to their profile...

Service offer
As a key element of the visitor's trip, Inaaya offer useful services to citizens and stakeholders, such as consultations, online administrative services, generation of on-demand reports, concierge and ticketing.