Retail Industry


Unleash curiosity, increase store traffic and attract the full attention of shoppers.

Create a memorable store experience, transform the customer’s journey and take advantage of it to a new level.

Improve product visibility, stimulate purchase and retain loyal customers.

Collect complete data to enrich the customer base and generate information from buyers.

Why use humanoid robots in the Retail sector?

The emotional commitment of consumers is the core of the strategy for the use of humanoid robots in retail. Our robots easily create an emphatic bond with buyers because of their striking appearance, moderate sizes and humanoid behaviors.

Proactive, expressive, appealing and mobile, our robots stand out from other digital offerings by increasing interactions, optimizing use and reducing unnecessary costs.

Our robots are connected, they are effective, precise and multi-functional. They are never tired of repetitive tasks, which allows staff to concentrate on tasks with greater added value.

A new channel for retailers

Single View of Customer
Inaaya are powerful contact points for omnichannel: they provide a unique but comprehensive view of each individual client.

Connect with today’s smart shoppers
Involve buyers with an innovative experience, worth repeating and worth sharing, our robots interact with customers through relevant messages and offers, treating them in a special, personal and individual way.

 Immediately impact sales
Despite the increase in online shopping, customers continue to overwhelmingly convert sales in the physical store, and attracting elements of the online experience creates an omnichannel mix that increases sales and customer satisfaction. Humanoid robots guide and assist buyers in purchasing products or improve awareness by providing services, based on their needs and requirements in continuity with their online trip.

Typical use cases in Retail


Our humanoid robots ensure a consistent and high quality welcome to customers for a lasting commitment and a higher customer return rate.

 Service Provider
By adding multiple services such as clicking and charging, payment, ordering and delivery and issuance of tickets, Pepper and NAO strengthen customer participation, increase conversion rates and improve the overall value of the customer’s life.

 Sales Associate
Connected, our robots help the sales force through precise product inquiries and personalized recommendations. Our robots stand out in additional sales and cross sales.

 Loyalty management
Create a new way for retailers to sign up, engage and retain customers. Encourage brand loyalty and attract new businesses with attractive interactions and valuable services.

 Brand Ambassador
Constantly delivering messages of products and brands. Pepper and NAO are reliable communicators in the presentation of corporate activities, marketing campaigns with precision and consistency in all locations.

 Survey conductor
Implement satisfaction surveys of interactive buyers and monitor the results in real time to create a processable perspective and improve services.

Using rich interactions, taking advantage of verbal interaction backed by full body language, our robots are an attractive channel for advertising and in-game coupons.

How do humanoid robots make a difference?


Proactive engagement
Our robots attract the attention of citizens, initiate interaction by voice and animated expression, or proactively turn towards people to start a conversation.

Communication on the go
When connected, our robots always provide the latest information, such as product availability, special offers or store location.

Taking advantage of their humanoid form, our robots use their entertaining interactions to powerfully deliver public information and guidelines.


Multi language
Inaaya can speak up to 21 languages and provide translation through cloud services: allowing you to serve clients from abroad.

 Cognitive computing
Taking advantage of integrated and cloud-based services, our robots can have constantly evolving behaviors to interact with citizens based on their real-time analysis results.

 Data collection
By being perceived as “friendly” and “without trial,” our robots are easily accepted by citizens, feeling safer to answer questions openly. The sensors enrich the information collected, generating valuable value-added information.


Custom interaction
Using their sensors, our robots can classify and / or identify the person with whom they are interacting and adapt their behavior to their profile…

Service offer
As a key element of the visitor’s trip, Inaaya offer useful services to citizens and stakeholders, such as consultations, online administrative services, generation of on-demand reports, concierge and ticketing.